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WiFi Terms of Use

WiFi Terms of Use

By connecting to “Glenview” Wi-Fi, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use. 

  • Unmetered internet for web browsing, email, social media & video calling. Video streaming (Netflix, Stan, Binge etc.), gaming and cloud storage (iCloud, OneDrive, Drop Box etc.) is metered with a limit of 1.5Gb p/day – about the equivalent to one Standard Definition (SD) movie.
  • Excess data (for streaming/cloud storage) is charged at the rate of AU$5.00 per Gb. Payment may be required to continue use, or deducted from your bond.
  • Internet is not a guaranteed service, nor integral to the use of the property and bookings must not be dependent upon this service – network issues beyond our control may affect the connectivity and speed, so if internet is critical (e.g. for work purposes) or if more data is needed, we recommend using your own mobile internet service, or using your mobile device as a ‘hotspot’.
  • We accept no responsibility for the reliability or security of the connection – it is solely your responsibility to have up-to-date software that provides virus protection, firewall, spam filters, parental control and other security capabilities to protect your device
  • The use of VPNs, Proxies and other anonymizers are prohibited. Attempts to reconfigure our internet devices or circumvent our security settings will result in removal of internet access.
  • Guests agree to monitor* and limit their own usage, and agree to pay any excess charges if you exceed the daily data limit.

Monitoring Internet Usage

The easiest way to stick to the limit is to stream no more than one SD movie (approx. 80 min content) each day. Most internet-connected devices have built-in tools to monitor data usage. Alternatively, third-party apps of your choice can be used to monitor usage. It is your responsibility to monitor and limit data usage so as to avoid any excess charges.

Alternatives for Internet

‘Hot spotting’ from your mobile device is the best alternative to using “Glenview”-Wi-Fi. 3G/4G coverage from three main network providers (Telstra, Optus and Vodaphone) is fairly reliable, although things beyond our control may affect connectivity and speed, including signal quality, your device or your data plan. Use of your own device and data is subject to your provider’s terms, and we accept no responsibility for their service.

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