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Responding to Covid-19

Responding to Covid-19

What this information covers

• Safeguarding health and wellbeing
• Changes and Cancellations

How we’re safeguarding health and wellbeing

With the Coronavirus causing us all to think more about health and hygiene, especially when outside our own homes, we wanted to let guests know about some features of “Glenview”, our maintenance practices, and extra steps we’re taking to safeguard the health and wellbeing of guests and staff.

Things we do as part of a standard turn-over:

  • • Disinfecting all surfaces in kitchens & bathrooms
  • • Vacuuming, mopping, dusting, window-cleaning, wiping down of all handles, switches, appliances
  • • Fresh, professionally-laundered quilt covers and linen
  • • Mattress and pillow protectors
  • • Airing rooms between bookings
  • • Providing new, unused kitchen wipes for each booking
  • • Regular “deep cleanse” (full sanitisation of the entire house)

Some additional measures we’re implementing:

  • • Increased sanitising of all door/cupboard/drawer/tap handles, light/power switches, remote controls etc.
  • • Increased frequency of “deep cleanses”
  • • Providing hand sanitiser and disinfectant spray for guest use during your stay

Features of the property itself:

  • • Just 2 hours from Sydney, most guests can drive here without having to stop or come into contact with others
  • • Self-check-in and check-out means you can arrive/leave any time (after check in/before check-out times) without having to meet anyone
  • • The house is completely isolated, with the nearest neighbor more than 300m away and only four occupied homes within a 1km radius
  • • Set on 168 acres, there’s plenty of space to get outdoors, go for a walk and enjoy nature, without having stay cooped up in order to “isolate” or avoid others
  • • A family-size fridge/freezer means you can stock up and avoid unnecessary trips to the shop during your stay
  • • Hard floors throughout the house have NanoSilver® (a non-toxic, naturally occurring antimicrobial agent effective against bacteria and viruses) built into the surface
  • • Large sliding doors and/or windows in every room, allow for easy ventilation
  • • Being a private home, you’re not sharing common amenities with others; and
  • • Given the wilderness of this region, there are so many things to see and do where you can avoid crowds and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

We’ve always prided ourselves on cleanliness, which is reflected by so many of our guests’ reviews. We trust these measures and features reassure guests that their choice to stay at “Glenview” was the right one. If you have any questions, special requirements or suggestions for how we can improve on any of the above, please reach out to us.

Of course, we understand some guests may be considering rescheduling their stay. We have reviewed our cancellation policy to accommodate change requests and minimise costs. In this case, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your plans.

How we’re handling changes and cancellations

With disruption to travel and movement due to the pandemic, some guests are enquiring about changing plans. We’re doing our best to accommodate everyone’s situation in a fair and reasonable way.

Under normal circumstances, cancellations within 60/30/14/7 days of arrival (varies depending on how you booked) incur cancellation fees, unless we’re able to re-book the original dates.

Given the situation, some factors we’ll consider to offer more flexibility for changes include distance, mode of transport, and purpose of the trip, recognising that those travelling from overseas, interstate or coming for a specific event may have less flexibility to reschedule. 

For changes related to Covid-19, the following options apply:

  • • For anyone traveling from overseas, either a refund or full credit towards a future stay
  • • For guests coming from interstate a refund or a credit to a future stay within the next 12 months
  • • For guests coming from within NSW a refund or credit towards a future stay.
  • • For anyone who booked for a specific event*, a full credit to the date the event is rescheduled (or another date within 12 months if the new event dates are unavailable), or a refund if the event is not rescheduled.

We want to reassure our guests that we never seek to profit from cancellations – if we can re-book the original dates we will, and if we do, then payments will be credited to a future booking (if we re-book cancelled dates for less value, or we only manage to re-book some of the original dates, credits will be prorated).

* Important Information

  • • Cancellations under any of the scenarios detailed above are offered at our discretion, and we may require evidence
  • • We define an ‘event’ as an organised, large-scale function (e.g., conferences, weddings, ticketed events etc.) which were to be held within the region during your stay and have been verifiably cancelled. It does not include planned celebrations or activities like birthdays, anniversaries, tours etc. or free public events (e.g., Winter Fest, the Rhododendron Festival etc.)
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